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EGirl Aesthetic & EGirl Outfits: Step-by-Step Guide – Kawaii Edition

Keeping Up With the Trends: EGirl Aesthetic – Kawaii Edition!


Sugar, Spice, and everything nice, that’s how an EGirl came into existence!

You’ve probably heard the term egirl somewhere on the internet. Egirls have a signature style but they also love to experiment. They’re an internet persona who stands out in a crowd for their  unusual sense of makeup and clothing. Their persona is a unique blend of edgy and soft.   This is an internet aesthetic culture which has now become the new cool.

Who Is An EGirl and What is EGirl Aesthetic?

The term is a combination of ‘e’ for electronic and girl. It has taken over the internet. The e-girl style lures you in with its quirky charm and has become a new form of digital subculture where people curate their alter-egos or digital personas.

Throughout this year, we’ve witnessed teen fashion trends develop into 3 categories – Soft girl, VSCO girl, and the E-Girl. Many believe that these trends have become the new hot thing in town, all over Tik Tok.

How to Spot an E-Girl?

You can’t miss out on an e-girl’s style. Their hair is often dyed in vibrant shades of blue, pink, and other hues of the rainbow, and is often styled in space buns or half-pigtails.

What makes E-girls stand out the most is their one-of-a-kind makeup. Eyes showing off a heavy winged eyeliner and bright blush highlighting their cheeks and nose. They even add some fake freckles, hand-drawn x’s, or small hearts, too. You’ll spot them wearing oversized band tees, mesh tops, high-waisted pants, or even plaid skirts.

E-Girls sport darker clothes and accessories. They radiate a more secluded and edgy vibe in comparison to the bubbly nature of VSCO girls. They’re far from being a ‘soft girl.’ Soft girls enjoy putting lots of colors in their looks with clouds and rainbows on their cheeks. This soft nature makes them look very approachable and friendly, however, E-girls are far from that. They’re not your typical girls, they’re recognised for their adorable, fun and almost anime-like personality.  

A Journey From Insulting to Inspiring

The term ‘e-girl’ was initially used in a derogatory way to demean girls online. It originally has a very broad meaning as it refers to any female with an internet presence. Your typical E-Girl is similar to goth, punk,  emo, and Tumblr girls. Earlier they were described as females on the internet who play video games to lure people in with their ‘cool edgy’ persona.

Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming an E-Girl: Egirl Outfits Simple Guide

There are many ways in which one can embrace the e-girl aesthetic. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to look like an e-girl.

1.   MakeUp

Makeup is the most iconic part of the egirl Style. Using a hefty amount of colorfully dyed hair in quirky ways, sometimes by dividing it into two sections of different colors, is a trademark style of an E-girl. You can even tie two pigtails or divide your hair into two mini pigtails. Remember to go crazy on hair clips or sport a beanie that makes you look edgy.

E-girls challenge boundaries in every way. Their anime-inspired makeup is the best of both worlds where Kawaii (cute) blends with Kowai (scary)! Cheeks and nose heavily decorated with blush signify their youthful personality and add a tinge of cuteness.

Face stamps or hand-drawn hearts and stars are essentials of this look. Unleash your creativity as you place them on your baby-face. Typically girls put black hearts under their eyes, but e-girls are pushing boundaries and  huge wave of change. They take pride in liking things that they are mocked for online, they embrace this identity and express themselves through it. Their looks are becoming more diverse and creative every day.

2.   Accessories

E-girls make their outfits stand out with their unique quirky accessories. These often fall into 2 major categories – one is pairing them with your makeup  and the other is  a display of grunge and edgy body accessories. Most of the time, it’s a blend of the two.

These looks consist of an exaggerated rouge on the nose and the cheeks, and are often styled with unique and quirky chokers. Some go for either a soft vibe or a slightly aggressive one with some dark grunge accessories. Silver chains are always a good option because you can’t have enough of them. Finish off your look with a pair of cool chunky sneakers or checkered vans and you’re good to go!

3.  Egirl Outfits

Create an ultra grunge look or an extremely soft one, the choice is yours. E-girls are dynamic and different, they don’t restrict themselves to one particular style.

Today, most e-girls create their look by layering their outfits. This style became popular all thanks to the Korean Ulzzang Fashion. E-girls follow fashion trends from the 80s and 90s, they mix and match to create dynamic and interesting looks and patterns. It’s the interesting combination between vibrant and dark, pastel goth and grunge- the possibilities are endless. An e-girl outfit is usually a fusion of lots of interesting styles brought together to create a fresh, new look.

Anime tops

E-girls are often described as the ones who watch anime or play a lot of video games. These interests play an important role in their style as well. Anime inspired tops are very common, and they accentuate your look with a dash of ‘edginess.’ Mesh tops mixed styled with a long sleeves t-shirt is a very common practice.

Meme Tee-am!

As a child of the internet generation, irony and humor run through an E-girls blood. You can find them sporting a meme quote or a silly image. The internet culture is open, fun, and dynamic and that’s also what E-girls are like. However, you must know when a shirt is working out with your outfit or not, because it may become the deciding factor for your final look.

Although the term “E-girl” originated as an insult, it’s amazing how female teenagers have pushed the boundaries and embraced this label. The birth of this persona is bold, edgy, and empowering.

We’ve seen various trends evolve in these times, such as even the VSCO girls taking the place of hipsters. Similarly, E-girls share traits that once the label ‘Scene’ used to share. It gets difficult to keep up with all trends as the internet culture grows. The influence E-girls have over apps like TikTok and Instagram is unmatched. So if you’re looking for a way to recreate this style, we hope this guide will help you ace the look.

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